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메이저사이트 추천에 대한 8가지 리소스

이 외에도 KB국민·신한·하나·우리은행 등 시중은행이 지원하는 비인기 스포츠 종목은 여자농구, 빙상, 육상 등 여러가지다. 특출나게 KB국민은행은 지주 차원에서 더 폭넓은 원조를 한다. 피겨, 쇼트트랙, 봅슬레이·스켈레톤, 체조 등을 넘어 최근 수영, 육상 분야 선수 후원에도 집중하고 있다. 국민은행이 후바라는 콩고 출신의 비웨사(원곡고) 선수의 경우 700m 맨몸운동에서

빈티지를 무시해야하는 17가지 이유

특이하게 홈씨씨의 프리미엄 창호인 '홈씨씨 윈도우'를 비롯해 중문 전 품목에 60% 할인이 반영되며 창호와 중문을 다같이 구매할 경우 추가 할인도 받게된다. 또 욕실 자재 세트 구매시에는 홈씨씨 가게 전용 상품교환권 1만원을 증정한다. 이외에도 일산점의 경우 주방가구 세트 구매시 홈씨씨 가게 전용 상품교환권 9만원을 증정하며 서울점은 소파를 7% 할인된 가격에 판매하는 등

weld square tube in stock

Company Profile Manufacture Base Company Honor YOUFA Culture Organization Structure Certification Video About Youfa Tianjin YOUFA International Trade Co.,Ltd Since 2000 Youfa was founded on July 1st, 2000, who has been titled among the TOP 500 Enterprises in China Manufacturing Industry for 16 consecutive years. Currently, there are totally about 9000 employees and 293 production lines in 13 factories, 3 national accredited laboratory, and 1 Tianjin government accreditedbusiness technology center. China's top 500 manufacturers YOUFAGROUP was built in 2002 National AAA scenic spotne 1 One of the drafters of the national standard of the drafters of the national e drafters of the national standard "Century old craftsman star" in China construction industry Tianjin Youfa were founded on July 1st, 2000, with the headquarters location at the largest welded pipe production basein China-Daqiuzhuang Village, Tianjin city, which is a large-scale steel pipe manufacturing enterprise producing many kinds of pipe products, such as ERW steel pipe, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe, oil casing pipe, SSAW steel pipe, square/rectangular steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and pipe fitting, and scaffolding. Besides headquartering in Tianjin, currently we have 13 subsidiariesand branches in Tangshan, Handan, Shaanxi and Liyang. Currently, there are totally about 9000 employees and 293 production lines in 13 factories, 3 national accredited laboratory, and 1 Tianjin government accreditedbusiness technology center. Youfa was founded on July 1st, 2000, who has been titled among the TOP 500 Enterprises in China Manufacturing Industry for 16 consecutive years. On December 29, 2021, Tianjin Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee issued an announcement to determine Youfa Steel Pipe Creative Park as a national AAA scenic spot. YOUFA brand was affirmed as a China renowned brandby SAIC trademark bureau in March 2008. YOUFA brand of ERW steel pipes, hot-dipped galvanized steel pipes, and SSAW steel pipes, has been awarded as "famous-brandproduct of Tianjin" by Tianjin government for many consecutive years. Youfa Group have been rated as top 500 enterprises of Chinain the same industry, and as top 500 manufacturing of China. In 2012, YoufaGroup was rankes No.375 in top 500 enterprises of China, and No. 200 in top 500manufacturing of China, and No.3 in top 100 private enterprises of Tianjin. Adapting to the overall development strategy ofYoufa Steel Pipe Group鈥斺€攁pproaching the world and servicing globally鈥斺€攁t thebeginning of 2010, the Group established Tianjin Youfa International Trade Co., Ltd as the foreign trade window of Youfa Steel Pipe Group to be responsible forexportation and importation, and in charge of supplying materials to foreignproject of some domestic large enterprises. Through several years of hard work, we have established export business relationship with many big TransnationalEnterprises. Based on the high quality and the considerate service, ourproducts have set up a prominent brand image at home and abroad. Our salesmarkets mainly are: Middle & South America, the Southeast Asia, Middle Eastand Africa and so on, nearly covering 100 countries and regions, obtaining awell-deserved reputation. We have built a long-term cooperation with manyclients, and have received word of praise from customers all over the world. weld square tube in stock website:

Modified Polycarbonate suppliers

Flame retardant PC material is flame retardant. Antioxidant. Density: 1.18-1.22 g/cm鲁 Linear Expansion: 3.8脳10-5 cm/掳C Heat Deformation Temperature: 135掳C, Low Temperature -45掳C. Polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, heat-resistant, impact-resistant, flame-retardant BI grade, and has good mechanical properties at ordinary operating temperatures. PropertiesTest StandardTest ConditionUnitsTypical Values Physical Properties DensityISO 118323鈩?/p>g/cm鲁1.19 Mold ShrinkageInternal method23鈩?/p>%0.4-0.7 Melt FlowISO 1133300鈩? 1.2kgg/10min9 Mechanical Properties Tensile StrengthISO 527/250mm/minMPa60 Flexural StrengthIS0 1785mm/minMPa90 Flexural ModulusIS0 1785mm/minMPa2300 Izod Impact, NotchedISO 179-123鈩?/p>KJ/m虏50 ISO 179-1-30鈩?/p>KJ/m虏/ Thermal Properties HDTIS0 75/21.80MPa鈩?/p>125 FlammabilityUL941.0mm/V0 Product detail 1.Flame retardant polycarbonate has good impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance, and has UL94 V-2 flame retardant performance without additives, also reach UL94 V-0 flame resistance after modified. 2.Flame retardant PC has high strength and elastic coefficient, high impact and wide temperature range. 3.Fire resistance PC with high transparency and excellent dyeability. 4.Low molding shrinkage and good dimensional stability. Application: optical lighting, lampshade, protective glass, eyepiece tube of optical instrument, aircraft transparent materials, Electronic appliances, insulating connectors, coil frames, tube bases, insulating sleeves, telephone cases and parts, battery cases of mining lamps, optical disc, electronic computer, video recorder, telephone, signal relay and other communication equipment, leather bags, audio tapes, color video tape etc. Our Factory: Xiamen SFR Plastics Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, which focusing on providing extrusion kit solutions of raw materials, molds, extrusion processes and structural design. WanGu Plastics Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2020, which specializes in R&D and manufacturing of modified engineering plastics, such as PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PA, etc. HaiHuiYa (Xiamen) Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2022, which is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of LED flexible strip lighting series. Advanced R&D EquipmentModified Polycarbonate suppliers website:

Tree Climbing Rope for Outdoor suppliers

Our History Our factory was founded in 2012, more than 10 years ago.And Our company was established in 2015,It is still developing. Our Factory Our factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is located in the east of China, close to the coastal cities and the two major ports of Shanghai and Ningbo. The transportation is very convenient, and there are 8 production lines in the production workshop. Our Product Taizhou Anerte Rope Net Belt Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in the production of Sporting Goods and Outdoor Products for kids. Our main products are Ninja Slackline for kids, Battle Rope, Climbing Rope, Winch Rope, Tow Rope, Climbing Rope Swing, Rock Climbing Holds, and all kinds of Outdoor Swing for kids. Product Application Our products are widely used in fitness industry, outdoor adventure, children's outdoor amusement equipment, indoor leisure entertainment facilities, etc. Production Equipment Our investment in machinery exceeds 5 million dollars.We have 5 large injection molding machines, as well as rope tying machines, sewing machines, printing machines, ring cutters, pipe benders, and so on. Production Market Our products are widely sold all over the world, such as in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and more, and are deeply recognized and loved by people in more than 50 countries.Tree Climbing Rope for Outdoor suppliers website:

Bulletproof Plate

Suzhou Obshorse located in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, was established in 2018. We are an professional production of tactical products, like backpacks, gloves, belts, gun bags, l garments, etc. We have an excellent working team dedicated to product design and development, quality control and inspection, and company operations Competitive Advantage One-Stop Sourcing Solution Corporate Vision Continue to innovate and create value for our customers Company Philosophy Customer firstBulletproof Plate website:

Medical Folding Screen manufacturers

Our History In September 1998, Mr. Kong Xiangyun, who had made many meritorious contributions in the 50th Aviation Division of the Air Force, established his first medical device Co., LTD. Under the condition of the establishment and exploration of private medical products at that time, Mr. Kong Xiangyun, with the sunshine and tenacity of a soldier, persevered in the arduous entrepreneurial journey. "Soldiers have no difficulties." This familiar barracks slogan is like a loud bugle call, inspiring companies to charge to new positions all the time. In July 2015, due to the development needs of the company, the company started [Shandong Mingxu Medical Equipment Co., LTD.] Our Factory Shandong MingXU MEDICAL Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Qufu City west development zone Jinlan Road 88, is approved by the state food and drug administration department, in the state administration for industry and commerce registered capital of 11.6 million yuan to establish a medical, medical equipment based professional management company. The main products are ICU suspension bridge, medical hanging tower, LED shadowless lamp, electric operating bed, operation shadowless lamp, operating bed, electric hospital bed, Shadowless lamp, medical bed, operating table, etc. We can specially design and process more beautiful and practical products according to the needs of customers, which have been praised and universally praised by customers. Our Product The main products are ICU suspension bridge, medical hanging tower, LED shadowless lamp, electric operating bed, Operation shadowless lamp, operating bed, electric hospital bed, Shadowless lamp, medical bed, operating table. Product Application ICU suspension bridge (dry and wet separation) is used in ICU ward of hospital. It is a necessary medical rescue auxiliary equipment in modern intensive care unit. It is mainly composed of bridge, dry section and wet section. The medical crane is an indispensable air supply medical equipment in the modern operating room of the hospital. It is mainly used for terminal transfer of medical gases such as oxygen supply, suction, compressed air and nitrogen in the operating room. LED Shadowless lamp is composed of multiple lamp holders in the shape of petals, fixed on the balance arm suspension system, stable positioning, can do vertical or circular movement, can meet the needs of different heights and angles in surgery. Bed by hydraulic power, electric operation by the control switch, speed regulating valve and solenoid valve control structure of the main body, through the electric hydraulic gear pump with hydraulic power source, control the bidirectional hydraulic cylinder reciprocating motion, and through the handle button control operation bed for a variety of position transformation, so as to meet the requirement of operation. Operating shadowless lamp is a special equipment that adjusts the Angle of the lamp or the Angle of the polished reflection surface to a kind of annular illumination, so as to achieve the dark shadow or dead Angle formed by the convex and concave structure of the irradiation site, and become a uniform picture to provide illumination for the operation area. The operating bed, also known as the operating table, can support the patient during the operation, adjust the position according to the needs of the operation, and provide a convenient operating environment for doctors. The operating bed is the basic equipment of the operating room. Electric bed: The electric bed can be adjusted to improve patient comfort when lying flat or with head or feet raised. Medical bed is short for special hospital bed, which is used in hospitals, nursing homes, community outpatients and other places. The production of medical beds is in strict accordance with the national standards, but its function and structure are relatively simple, basically in line with the needs of all medical institutions, but it is not suitable for family use. An operating table is a platform for performing surgery and anesthesia. Our Certificate The company has a perfect quality testing system and strict standard quality assurance system, successfully passed and run the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and ISO13485:2016 medical device management system certification, with a high enterprise, product visibility and reputation. Production Equipment High precision injection molding machine, Large stamping machine, Welding robot hand, Automatic numerical control laser cutting machine. Production Market Our products have been exporting to tens of countries and regions such as mid-east, southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America eta, which enjoy good reputation in the field. Our Service The PRODUCT TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT of the company has full-time engineers to provide all-day hotline service, responsible for providing users with technical support and after-sales service in order to provide relevant users with timely and effective time. Record the feedback and handling process until the customer confirms the problem is solved. Warranty scope is the company to provide customers with products. The warranty period of the equipment shall be one year after the acceptance of the product and the acceptance of the equipment. Provide complete operation instructions, maintenance manuals and maintenance related technical documents and other documents, do not conceal the technical details related to maintenance.Medical Folding Screen manufacturers website:

China Interactive Sandbox factory

Kleader Introduction KLEADER is the greatest multimedia supermarket of China,400+ multimedia items are on sale. KLEADER is specialize in amazing high-tech art installation,rich interactive holographic devices,competitive hardware supply,a variety of mature multimedia interactions. Our company has been established for 10 years. It started with interactive exhibits and 3D content tailoring, gradually developing into a company with multimedia devices, software and video customization, proposal design, and system integration. The company fused them into an all-in-one company, significantly improving production efficiency. As the clients distribute anywhere all over the world, then how does KLEADER guarantee service quality? KLEADER has engaged deeply in multimedia for more than 10 years. The business scope covers commercial activities, software and video customized, art installations, outdoor interactive equipment etc. These installations are sorted by temporary's and permanent's. The temporary ones are widely used in event & brand activation and commercial activities, and the permanent ones are used in museums or tourism. Another problem is that customers have to spend too much time and travel expenses to go to another country or city, which cost is enormous. If they don't come, it's easy to confuse customers' needs. How did KLEADER succeed above other companies? Seldom interactive multimedia companies have an exhibition hall, but KLEADER has! The company owns an exhibition hall which contains multimedia equipment worth millions of dollars. Besides, it is over 200 square meters. It has been regarded as the leader of the multimedia exhibition hall in central china for a decade. It is a remote live demonstration via video chat that sales use in the company's exhibition hall, which has diversified exhibition items. Be free to contact our sales because demonstrating is free. Our sales will spare no effort to present the items to verify your needs. Main Business Kleader Patent Erificate Our Company Related Website Why Choose UsChina Interactive Sandbox factory website: